Triathlon Wetsuits

Fitting: Modern triathlon wetsuits go far beyond providing insulation and promise greater buoyancy, less drag, and lower swim times if (and only if) they fit properly. The right fit can easily be the difference between a swim PR and a constrictive, chafing, miserable slog. The only way to know for sure is to swim in it, and our vast selection of wetsuits, expert staff, and Endless Pool ensure that you’ll find the perfect suit for your body, budget, and ambition.

Rental: If you’re not ready to take the plunge and purchase, you can try out a high-quality wetsuit from our rental fleet. $65 gets you a week to try out and race, and if after you decide to buy a suit from us, we’ll refund the cost towards the purchase of a new wetsuit. Call or email for details and reservations.

Repair: Love everything about your current suit except for the giant hole on the leg? Bring it in to us and we’ll give it new life (and maybe some tips to keep it from happening again).