Bike Fitting

Your most important accessory.

The most expensive bike in the world won’t help you at all if the fit is wrong. Our Retül certified fitters use the most up-to-date 3D motion capture technology to ensure you reach your comfort and performance goals.

All fits are fully documented for future visits and come with a 30-day guarantee. Give us a call or email to set up an appointment.

Retül Fit with current bike – $250: For customers interested in their optimal fit using a body assessment and three dimensional motion capture analysis.  Includes five forms generated during fit and Bike “Zin.”
*150 with new bike purchase within 30 days. **$150 for an additional bike

Static Sizing – $70/hr: For the customer interested in establishing a safe and neutral fit in order to reduce injury risk and ride comfortably.

*Prices do not include parts and labor for modifications.